Voice Training for Modern Singers
Today's modern singers deserve more than 300 year old exercises
and a teacher who sings Jazz or Cabaret. They need fresh, new
approaches and someone who understands the demands of Rock,
Pop and Metal...that's what you get here. No bull -just results.

Don't Suck on Stage!

Got an audition or call back? Need to improve your band's live show? Then Live Performance Coaching is what you need. As a Live Music Producer, I can help you communicate with your audience and make the connection so many performers strive for but never seem to achieve..

Live performance instruction includes natural stage movement and proper microphone technique that are crucial to a performance that is natural and comfortable for the performer as well as the audience.

Solo Singer or Track Artist?

  1. Learn proper microphone technique to create effects with your voice
  2. There are 5 areas of a stage - do you know them?
  3. Why your microphone stand is be your best friend
  4. Do you know what to do during a musical break?
  5. Learn how to apply "emotional pressure" to a crowd to get the response you want
  6. Only have two songs? Learn what and what NOT to do.

Got a band and want to sell more CD's or put on the best live show ever?

  1. A live show needs structure - learn the fundamentals to make you stand out
  2. How to structure musical sets to maximize audience attention
  3. Learn the formula for picking opening and closing numbers
  4. What to do when you're the opening band
  5. How to use stories to introduce or segue songs
  6. Does your band play covers? Learn what NOT to do with them.

A lot of the music business is not about what clothes you wear or what lights you buy for your stage show, it IS about how you move and communicate to your audience visually!

Live Producer Coaching Rates: $90 per hour (2 hour min)

"Rock, Pop, whatever - Kevin teaches it all. I'm a 14yr old Broadway singer and Kevin helped me belt like Sutton Foster! Can't say enough, simply the best!" - Kaylee
"These are great lessons, Kevin. I really appreciate them. I've extended my range and power, in just a few weeks." - Vincent
"I can definitely feel the difference in my voice in just 8 lessons. I now write melodies I only dreamed of before. Wow!" - Brad