Voice Training for Modern Singers
Today's modern singers deserve more than 300 year old exercises
and a teacher who sings Jazz or Cabaret. They need fresh, new
approaches and someone who understands the demands of Rock,
Pop and Metal...that's what you get here. No bull -just results.

Advanced Lessons

If you are looking to fully develop your singing voice to it's maximum potential, nothing works better than private voice lessons. Train at 'Rock the Stage' here in NYC or in your home from anywhere in the world using Skype & a webcam. Beginners are always welcome.

I have designed a new voice training method called "R.P.M." (Respiration, Phonation & Manipulation). This program takes you step by step through a series of exercises and mind/body coordination's to develop your voice in stages so that you build upon the previous stage thoroughly and completely. In addition to learning how to sing scorching high notes without straining, you'll learn how to breathe for singing, how to sing "in the mix", how to develop vibrato, how to adjust the tone of your voice, how to sing in tune and much more.

I recommend completing the "R.P.M." lesson plan before moving on to the advanced lessons. That way you'll be skilled enough to follow the direction given when working on extreme vocal technique. In addition to learning how to sing high notes without straining, how to add grow, rasp and grit to your voice. Famous singers that have sold millions of records have all gone through the fundamentals in the "Vocal Fire" series. Follow their example by laying a firm foundation of vocal technique, then start building on it with stylization and advanced training.

There is also a series of 10 Advanced Training Lessons - carefully organized and designed to give you everything you'll ever need as a singer. You can take your voice lessons at a slow or faster pace. It really depends on how quickly you want to improve. A general rule of thumb is, the more often you train, the faster you will advance. Singers who take more lessons per week will have a better understanding of how their voice works - primarily because they're so immersed in the training. You just have to decide how quickly you would like to advance. 60min lessons work better than 30min lessons. You can take one lesson per week, two sessions per week, whatever. Minimum training should be one 60min session per week. For those who want really fast results, you can train up to 5 days in a row.

If you want fast results and prefer in-studio voice lessons you can fly/drive here, stay at a local hotel and train in my 6 hour or 8 hour "Weekend Intensive" Vocal Session. I also offer a one day 3 hour intensive for people within driving distance of NYC. The benefit of 100% supervised practice allows singers who train this way to improve rapidly with solid advancement in their vocal technique in a very short amount of time. Singers routinely fly in from around the world to train here like this. They've come from Germany, England, The Netherlands, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee...to name a few.

The average range increase for singers trained in these intensives is 7 notes for male and female singers. After your vocal technique is in good shape, you'll learn how to apply what you've learned to the songs you bring to work on. You'll learn how to apply your new voice with style and how to perform all of the vocal tricks that make for a heartfelt vocal performance.

Setting up lessons is easy.

"Rock, Pop, whatever - Kevin teaches it all. I'm a 14yr old Broadway singer and Kevin helped me belt like Sutton Foster! Can't say enough, simply the best!" - Kaylee
"These are great lessons, Kevin. I really appreciate them. I've extended my range and power, in just a few weeks." - Vincent
"I can definitely feel the difference in my voice in just 8 lessons. I now write melodies I only dreamed of before. Wow!" - Brad